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3rd Generation Veteran Owned
MULCH only $35 / yard DELIVERED!
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S67 W14352 Gaulke Dr  |  Muskego, WI 53150

Lamb's Nursery was established in 1952 and our family has been raising evergreens, shade trees and shrubs in Muskego, Wisconsin ever since. We also provide the highest quality in residential and commercial landscaping services, and an assortment of professional grade landscaping supplies.

Nursery Stock

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All Stock Guaranteed

There is a 50% replacement guaranty up to one year on all stock purchased. You get half the cost back towards anything else.

We'll Plant it For You!

Our cost for planting is equal to the cost of the tree, shrub, etc... For example: a $300.00 shade tree would be $300.00 to plant plus tax. Our minimum planting charge is $250.00.

Delivery Available

We have a $200.00 delivery charge per load.

Shade tree holes need to be dug 4' wide X 22" deep. This will give you planty of room to get your tree in and let it settle in the ground naturally.

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Shredded Hardwood Oak


/yard Picked Up


/yard Delivered


/yard Installed

One yard of mulch covers 100 sqft. 3" deep. *There is a 3 yard minimum for any delivery.

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Landscape Supplies

All of our landscape supplies are of the highest professional quality and are the same materials used on our jobs.

Dewitt Pro Weed Barrier

This weed barrier is the most heavy duty stuff we have been able to find after 60 years in business. Unlike what you will typically find at a big box store, this weed barrier is extremely durable, highly effective, and will last many, many, many years.

  • 3' X 250' Roll (.50c per ft)  -  $130.00
  • 4' X 250' Roll (.65c per ft)  -  $160.00
  • 6' X 250' Roll (.90c per ft)  -  $230.00

  • Weed barrier installed  -  $0.50 per sq. ft

Curv-Rite Aluminum Lawn Edging

When properly installed, aluminum landscape edging is nearly invisible. It cleanly and discreetly defines professional landscaped bed areas. Aluminum will never rust like steel, rot like wood or crack and warp like plastic alternatives. Instead, Curv-Rite aluminum edging gives you a clean line and a crisp edge between your flower bed areas and your lawn. (Colors available: Black, Silver, Natural Green, and Bronze.)

  • 1/8" X 4" X 8' Natural (w/3 stakes) $29.00
  • 1/8" X 4" X 16' Natural (w/5 stakes)  -  $56.00
  • 1/8" X 4" X 8' Deco Black (w/3 stakes)  -  $34.00
  • 1/8" X 4" X 16' Deco Black (w/5 stakes)  -  $63.00
  • 1/8" X 4" X 8' Deco Bronze (w/3 stakes)  -  $34.00
  • 1/8" X 4" X 16' Deco Bronze (w/5 stakes)  -  $63.00
  • 1/8" X 4" X 8' Deco Green (w/3 stakes)  -  $34.00
  • 1/8" X 4" X 16' Deco Green (w/5 stakes)  -  $63.00

  • Porta Pockets (Tapered End)  -  $5.50
  • Stakes  -  $2.50

  • Get More Details at the Curv-Rite Lawn Edging Website
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Landscape Services


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We can fulfill virtually any landscaping needs you have and specialize in both residential and commercial landscaping services.

  • Plant Install
  • Mulch Install
  • Bed Design and Installation
  • Edging (Natural and Alluminum)

Landscaping Photo Gallery

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